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our philosophy

our ideal is oriented towards

Customers. Our actions are determined by the customer. Our position as leaders in services, quality and costs increases the number of our customers.

Employees. The foundation of our success are the employees. We work and act according to the following principles: trust, responsability, honesty, honor, equality of chances

. We continuously update the quality of our services. We work together with our customers in an open environment of partenership. Through internal and external communication, we always reach our goal. We assume responsability for the society and the environment.

our group

Dr. Bohn Group - strategic consulting for the establishment of the German automotive industry

Euro Consult & Development - business consultancy

ECD-Conta - administration accountancy

ECD-Excellent Personal Services - labour mediation, career counseling, personnel administration services

our team

an experienced and dedicated team:

Krypczyk Christine - Office Leader Erfurt - Germania  
Dr. Jürgen Bohn - Associate
Dipl. psiholog Gundhardt-Desko Ioana - Administrator
Dr. Bohn Group
Euro Consult & Development
ECD Conta